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How it works !

Zovizo invents random crowdfunding at near zero cost. Everyday, you can be the happy winner of the jackpot. Just go through these 4 simple steps:



Register and login on zovizo.com with your phone, email and name.


Buy your pack

Subscribe to the pack of your choice. 700F for 7 days, 1500F for 15 days or 3000F for 30 days. Pay for your pack using MTN MoMo or Orange Money.


You will be part of the next draw

FCFA 100 will be taken from your balance to take part in the draw of the day.


Win !

A powerful algorithm will choose the number of the Solidario that will get the jackpot of the day. That is 60% of the total amount of collected for the draw.

Referral program

Tell a friend about Zovizo and invite him to register and play. You will get 10% out of every pack he buys and jackpots he wins !

Our mission

Become agents of change.

Be smart and productive. Let’s build together a dynamic that will bring us to another sight by affecting positively on many people lives. Build a strong community that plays the card of local.

Together, we can fight against poverty and lower poverty rate.


Reduce unemployment, is the mainspring of Zovizo

Zovizo reinvest your contributions in a modern incubator that is opened for you in order to encourage and support startups. A call for projects will be made and following a rigorous selection process, the project director will be technically supported, and funded in a special way.

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